Best Nike Fitness Tracker Reviews

The new Nike+ FuelBand SE is a smart, easy and enjoyable method from the sports giant Nike. The Nike Fitness Tracker claims to help you to get more active. It allows you to track your activity and then make comparison with others in the Nike+ community. It is updated with the newest technology in the field. Do you want to enjoy this excellent program by yourself? Why don’t you take it to your home right now

What Are The Main Features

This powerful Nike Fitness Tracker is the combination of many great sub components. let's point out some of them

It is available with three different sizes: small (5.79 Inch/147mm), medium/large (6.77 Inch/172mm) and extra-large (7.76 Inch/197mm)

It is designed with two easy-to-insert links (.32 Inch/8mm and .63 Inch/16mm) for each fine-tuned fit.v It is composed of USB charging cable and sizing tool.

It offers ambient light sensor which can help to detect environmental light levels and then make adjustment.

It introduces Bluetooth 4.0 which pairs to smart phones

What Are The Good

The Nike Fitness Tracker has wireless syncing

It includes cool hidden LED displaying on band so it can provides feedback day by day

It is among a few wristband fitness trackers which also tells time

It helps you to compete against other Nike+ FuelBand users

It provides you with a charging USB connector into the band, so you'll never lose the charger

It is user friendly. No matter who you are, you can totally enjoy its great quality easily

It is high quality with the latest technology applied

It is available with some different size for you to choose

And many more

What Are The Badv It does not track sleep

The battery life is just about 4 days

It offers no food/weight tracking

What Do The Users Say About It

There are a lot of fitness tracker reviews around it sent to the producers. Most of them say that they are impressed by its outstanding quality. Many of them like it for it can provide them with the feedback day by day. So, they can follow their process carefully and exactly. Some others prefer it because it tells them time, which they haven't found in other program. Some are happy with it quality, especially that it helps them against other Nike+ FuelBand users . In addition, its various size are also attractive to some users. And a lot of more. And if you experience it by yourself, I believe that you will be impressed by it

Final Verdict

In short, Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker is really a very ideal program. I've spent a quite long time studying some other products in this category, and this one is actually the best. I strongly recommend you having it in your home right now to enjoy great thing as soon as possible.


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