Body Toning Workout Routines

Add Some of These Ideas to Your Routine

There are many ways to workout. There are workout routines for losing weight, for building body mass/muscle, for building strength and endurance and for toning. The workout routines differ slightly for each category. This article will discuss the different exercises for toning the body.

Workout routines for toning the body are different from the other workouts in that you are not trying to build extra muscle or gain superhuman strength. Strength will come with the toning but the strength gained may be minimal for some people. A person can be out of shape but not unsightly overweight. That person could also have plenty of strength already, and will not necessarily gain a lot of extra strength. One factor is true of most of the workout routines; stamina. When building mass/muscle, you may actually lose stamina, depending on how big you want to be. Many professional body builders have decreased stamina because of the extra weight gained in muscle building.

Workout routines for toning are very simple and easy to do for most people because you either use small weights or none at all. Never use large or heavy weights to tone, no matter who tells you otherwise. Overweight people who use heavy weights will actually gain weight because they add muscle. That muscle gain is not apparent immediately because the body fat hides the muscle. That is why those people are soon discouraged and give up on weight loss. Many of them will actually gain even more weight after discontinuing their workout. Stay away from heavy weights when toning.

Here are some exercises to incorporate into your workout routines for toning:


Both straight leg and bent knee sit-ups are good to use. Place your legs under a heavy piece of furniture or have someone hold your feet while you do sit-ups. Start with ten of each for a few days or a week. Then increase to twenty for a week, and so on until you are doing fifty sit-ups each way. Then use a five pound dumbbell in each hand and start over with ten repetitions each way for a week. Then increase to twenty for a week, and so on until you are doing fifty sit-ups with bent knee and straight leg.


Workout routines for toning should always incorporate crunches. Crunches are good for toning the abs. Again, have someone hold your feet or put them under a heavy piece of furniture. Use both the straight leg and bent knee crunches. Crunches are done the same way as sit-ups but you don’t come all the way up and you don’t lay all the way back on the floor. Start with ten in each position for a week, increase to twenty for a week, and so on until you get to fifty. Then use the five pound dumbbells and start over.

Get on your knees and hands. Now straighten out your left leg behind you and pull the knee tightly under you trying to touch your chest. Do that ten times with each leg and increase ten a week until you are able to do thirty with each leg.

Workout routines can be fun and they are definitely good for the body. Do them often, but make sure to do them correctly. Remember, no heavy weights. Good luck.


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