Features to Look for In The Best Fitness Tracker

Considering the many different kinds of fitness trackers that are available in the gadget market today, every user looks for certain features in each tracker that would make it the best. Most of these features depend on your lifestyle, budget and fitness goals. Here are some features

Pedometer: This features helps count the number of steps that are taken during a casual walk, a jog, or during running. In order to maintain your weight, there are a certain amount of steps that should be taken daily. This feature helps you improve your progress.

Calorie tracker: A good fitness tracker helps you measure the amount of calories that are burnt while performing certain activities in the day. It also calculates the amount that is consumed and provides details as to how to maintain your weight.

Heart Rate monitor: one of the most important features is the heart rate monitor which provides the user with details on how intensely he should be performing a certain activity. It measures the rate of heart beats a minute and informs the user on whether he or she should slow down or increase their overall performance.

Accelerometer: This feature provides information on duration, frequency as well as intensity of certain physical activities. It can be used for sports, household activities, as well as basic chores.

Types of Fitness Trackers

There are many types of popular gadgets that are considered as the best fitness trackers in the market today. Most of them contain all the well known features and are extremely affordable. Listed below are some fitness trackers.

Fitbit One: This gadget can be easily attached to your pocket or clipped onto your clothes. It not only helps you with tracking your fitness levels but also with getting a good night's sleep. It keeps a check on your daily exercises like, chores, steps taken, calories that are burned and the amount of sleep you get during the night. The gadget helps you keep a track of your progress levels and helps in improving your overall diet and health. A well known Fitbit gadget is the Fitbit flex fitness tracker.

Nike+ Fuel band: This gadget is one of those fitness trackers that contain all the important features that a great fitness tracker should have. It is a wearable fitness tracker that resembles a bracelet, which keeps a close check on al the activities that you perform. It creates scores with this information and sets goals for the user to achieve, along with keeping a track on your daily progress. This gadget also includes a special mood tracker that works on your performance combined with your mindset every day.

Lark life: this tracker is extremely useful and contains all the essential features. It tracks the hours that one spends sleeping, the steps taken, the overall activities performed, meals and diets as well as energy levels. It is an easy to use tool that provides all the information in the most basic possible way so that the user can understand easily.

Other than the best fitness trackers that are mentioned above there are many others that work in the same way but may not have all the features that are needed and add-ons are required while using them. Gadgets like jawbone Up, Striiv pedometer, Body media Fit, and the Scosche Rhythm Armband Pulse Monitor are other types of fitness gadgets.


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