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Everlast Running Athletic Training 5 Pc Visibility Bundle with TR3 Wirel

Jog or train in confident visibility, and keep track your progress while you're at it!

With this Everlast athletic visibility kit, you won't worry about short days or late-night workouts. The bright, high-visibility reflective vest is complemented with a LED-equipped wrist/ankle bands for plenty of visibility, day or night. It's great for foggy days, too!
Track activity and monitor your heart rate with the included wireless activity trackerThat's right, in addition to being visible to drivers or bikers, you'll be able to see and check your activity via the illuminated wrist-mounted activity tracker/heart rate monitor, even if you're working out in the dead of night. It's rechargeable, no heavy external batteries required
Kit includes:
- (2) motion-activated LED wristbands
- (1) LED-equipped waist pack with steady and flashing modes
- (1) LED headlight, with white and red light modes
- (1) TR3 Wireless activity tracker with OLED display (app is free for downloading)

Everlast Running Athletic Training 5 Pc Visibility Bundle with TR3 Wireless Activity Heart Rate Monitor Features

  1. BLINKING, FLASHING AND SHINY SAFETY: Whether day or night, fog or rain, the high-visibility colors, bright reflectivity and active, flashing or steady beams of light ensure you're visible under any circumstances
  2. DURABLE COMPONENTS: No matter how sweaty you get, or how muddy the outdoors, all these are made of long-lasting, sturdy parts that are designed for hard work. You'll get years of use
  3. TRAIN IN SAFE VISIBILITY: With this safety accessory kit, you'll never worry about short days, late-night or foggy day workouts. With both passive reflectivity and active lights, you'll be visible for blocks if not miles

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