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NAKOSITE Best Walking 3D Pedometer with Strap & Clip, Precision Base

HOW IS THE NAKOSITE 3D PEDOMETER going to help me reach my fitness goals?

This walking pedometer is designed to help you in a subtle but positive way. It tracks your activity all day and lets you make a fitness target for yourself. You will be amazed to see how much you walk every day; all you needed was a little extra motivation to walk that tiny bit more to lose some extra calories. Being able to see your daily routine, you will be able to reach higher goals and stay motivated longer.

NAKOSITE PEDOMETER is the best way to keep the motivation going: The 30 days performance tracking offers you a chance to track your performance and improvement. Set yourself a realistic goal to start with, reach the goal, and make another, reach that and keep moving forward. We believe that you can do it, do you believe in yourself?

CARE AND MAINTENANCE: All things in life require maintenance and care, so does the pedometer. It is relatively low maintenance though. Clean it with wipes, do not drop it, do not open it for service, do not put heavy object on it and in no case swim with it.

SALIENT FEATURES OF THE DEVICE: • Noiseless 3D Pedometer with tri-axis Walk Sensing Technology • 6 Mode Functionality, Step Counter, Distance Monitor, Calories Counter, Exercise Time Monitor, Daily Memory & Total Memory Modes • 30 Day Performance memory, Daily target monitoring • Progress Bar, Digital display, Milestone Alarm and A Clock

THE BOX CONTAINS: A Nakosite pedometer (battery included), Detachable Strap & Clip. Also a promise of unmatchable quality. For more details and how to use the product, please check the product manual.

NAKOSITE Best Walking 3D Pedometer with Strap & Clip - Precision Based Step Counter - Walking Distance Calculator (Km & Miles) - Calories Burned Monitor - Exercise Mode - Daily Performance Tracker - with 30 days Memory - built with Tri-Axis Technology (Sensor Based) - Graceful White - and Digital Easy to read Display - BONUS: Free eBook + 365 Days Warranty. Features

  1. SLEEK DESIGN AND SHAPE: The sleek design and elegant white colour makes it a gadget beyond the ordinary. Designed and moulded with central curvature to provide necessary grip. It can double up as your new fashionable gadget providing a defining statement on your behalf. • BONUS: Free eBook " How I Lost Weight Walking" by Olivia Smith
  2. PRECISION: Seamless 3d Advanced Tri-Axis sensing technology built to deliver on all surfaces (Climbing, Flat surface, running). The revolutionary technology eliminates step counting errors which were a common occurrence for pendulum based pedometers. Every step that you take will now be accounted for, with precision. No unnecessary sound, no beeps, totally and completely silent
  3. MEASURE, MONITOR & CALCULATE: Complete monitoring and measurement of daily steps taken. Provides display in Metric units (km) or Imperial units (Mile). Calories are displayed in KCal. • REGULATE: Make a daily target, based on the available modes and your realistic fitness goal. Performance monitoring on LED with 10 step progress bar with milestone reminders. Active time display mode available showing active status during day
  4. 30 DAY MEMORY: YES 30 DAYS, that is 23 EXTRA DAYS of memory than the ordinary pedometer. So, track your performance for 30 days. Compare your results and see the improvement. This is the best way to keep the motivation high for you. Hassle free automatic timer resets at Midnight restarting all the daily counters. • COMFORT: Light, compact and tough. Weighs 28 grams, with a dimension of 7.8x3.4x1.2cm

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