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Personal Alarm, 3 Pack Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarms with LED L

Your and your family safety is paramount! Peroom new personal alarm system is designed to be your safety companion 24 hours a day, no matter where you are. With a new super-loud 130 DB sound, this handy accessory will attract the attention of people from far whenever you feel threatened. It's a great way to deter any attacker, and at the same time call for help. In the case of an emergency situation, you can let helpers know where you are.

Why Peroom Emergency Personal Alarm?
Loudly sound - 130DB-140DB loudly sounds can draw people's attention even in a far distance
User Friendly - Sleek, smart and compact design makes it easy to carry, you can carry it anywhere.
Built-in LED light - Offer a bright LED light, activated by pushing a button and used for illuminating a dark area, find a keyhole or provide light.
Broad Application - Excellent security option for any age. Preferred for women girls elderly children security, walkers, joggers, lone workers. It's also a necessary supply for traveling, hiking, camping and walking the dog.
Ideal Gift- This cute portable personal alarm is an ideal gift choice. Practical designed alarm could be hardly noticed by attackers or others.
Easy Use - Pull the pin out to activate the alarm and insert it back to stop it. The sounds could last 40 minutes.

Product Specification:
Material : ABS and Metal bar
VOL: 130-140DB
Battery Type:3*LR44, 60mA,4.5V
Item Size : 45mm x 65mm x 20mm
Package Size: 8cm x 5.5cm x 3cm
Item weight: 30g*3
Package Weight: 40g*3

●Warm tips●
-The alarm can be reused, Non-disposable product.
-The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put by your ears.
-This item is not completely waterproof, please not put it in the water and make it in a dry condition as possible.

Package includes:
Peroom 130dB Personal Alarm: 3 Pack

Personal Alarm - 3 Pack Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarms with LED Light - 130DB Safe Sound Personal Alarm Keychain for Elderly Women Kids Night Workers By Peroom Features

  1. ➤ Ultra Durable & High Quality : The personal safety alarm can be reused, non-disposable product. it made of environmentally friendly material, resistance to fall,high temperature, and the copper plug,no rusty, beautiful and durable, keep undamaged in your most adverse conditions
  2. ➤ Use Widely : A great choice for all ages: Women, Elderly, Students, Kids, Joggers, etc. It's also a necessory supply for traveling, hiking, camping and walking the dog, timely call for help, starting from the personal safety alarm
  3. ➤ Multi Function: Portable personal alarm can disguise as a bag decoration while serves as a self defense protection and a mini flashlight, you can carry it on your backpack, ladies bag, belt loops, schoolbag, suitcases etc.
  4. ➤ Self-Defense Device: Safety personal alarm with 130DB - 140DB, you just need pull the ripcord, the loudly sounds can draw people's attention even in a far distance, it could help you call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker. it is a perfect choice as a self-defense weapon

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