Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are the best merger between fitness and technology. They help capture data from daily routine and project the health graph. The data captured is analyzed which in turn is used for incorporating healthy lifestyle. There are many recognizable fitness technologies which come under the banner of wearable technology from fitness brands like Nike, Jawbone and Fitbit. The fitness trackers have been a craze since 2012, and the tracking of activity is fad that is here to stay.

The fitness trackers come with lots of features such as accelerometer which tracks and records movement and steps. Some come with the features that helps track sleeping habits and most importantly count the calorie intake and the calories burned. Hence a fitness tracker enhances the daily routine and ensures personal fitness is in check.

Most importantly feature of an activity tracker should be waterproof, so that a splash of water should not make it a lemon. So the device has to be compatible to swimming and to take shower with it on. When considering buying an activity tracker the following factors have to be kept in mind. The tracker should be splash resistant, meaning if the device is ok with sweat, splashes or rain. Water resistant tracker is splash resistant and is ok to shower with it on. Water proof trackers are water resistant and ok to swim with.

There are five best fitness tracker bands that are sure to give the best fitness benefits.

Nike+ FuelBand SE Gold Edition has most of the pros going for it as it has the best online community. The look is super sporty and the model is sturdy. Designed for wearable comfort, it has some common features like displaying time, counts steps walked, calories burned. The most important metric is the Nike's proprietary metric Fuel. Its best features include the band being water resistant and 6-7 day battery life which is rechargeable. Most of them buy the product not only that they are Nike fan but also because of the simple way of being active with easy USB 2.0 port for easy charging.

Jawbone UP24 is thin and sleek in design. Wearable comfortable design comes with excellent mobile app. This activity tracker has the most comprehensive data collection and can sync data in Real-time. It is definitely splash-resistant, however not water proof making it an incompatible product for swimming and cannot be used in shower. They are very good in measuring deep and light sleeping pattern. This tracker doesn't allow idle time as it alerts when idle time is detected. As it syncs with mobile, a smart phone with android or IOS is required for the data processing. It does not have a display and does not have an altimeter. Some salient features are Bluetooth 4.0 support, 7 day battery life and is rechargeable with proprietary charger. It tracks sleeping patterns, tracks mood, food and drink habits.

Garmin vivofit has the online dashboard and a mobile app making it easy to track and share in social media. They monitor distance, calories burned, distance covered, and most important inactive or idle alert. The battery life is over one year. It is water-resistant but only support running and walking. The most salient feature is the tracker learns your activity and helps assign personalized goals which are daily set goals. Heart rate monitor are to be purchased separately.

Fitbet flex is the best fitness tracker for beginners. It comes with a congenial web experience and an excellent battery life. It has a silent wake alarm so that you don't wake your partner. It monitors sleeping patterns, tracks steps and distance covered. It counts active minutes and calories burned. It does not come with an altimeter and the proprietary charger has to be used. It is definitely water resistant and gives access to real time stats as it can be synced with mobile device and/or computer. It comes with an LED light which shows how you stack up to your set personal goals.


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