Waterproof Jawbone Fitness Tracker

Here is another good product to monitor your routine. The fitness tracker reviews have revealed the best features of the product. You can use it to check your burred calories, to monitor the distance and time. It also keeps an eye on your mood, meal time and the activity of the body. So it will be not wrong to say that this tracker is helpful in giving you a complete record of your entire routine and you can use it to get the more comfortable level. It has following distinguishing features:

Water proofing

The tracker allows you to go deep into the ocean about 210 feet. This completely hides the inner electronic parts of the tracker and allows you to perform your daily workouts in the same way as before. It allows you to dive deep, sweat more and make yourself fit in a better way by using this awesome tracker.

Band of the tracker

The band of the tracker will give you information about the time, calories burned, distance traveled, deep and light sleep and even it will also give you an idea about the time that you have spent by sitting idle. In this way, it encourages you to make yourself fit in a better way and helps you to learn more about yourself.

The UP application of the tracker is especially designed to give you the information of all the data collected. It gives you the calories burned, time, distance, improvements, activities, rest, and achievements in a colorful display.

Polar Loop Black Currant Activity Tracker

Polar Loop Black Currant (Purple) Activity Tracker with H7 Transmitter big 4

Polar has introduced a fitness tracker that is also compatible with the Polar heart rate transmitter. That will allow you to monitor your heart rate and will also give you information about the calories, time, speed, steps, sleep time, meals, and your active and inactive time. So it can be easily said that this tracker helps you to stay active and make you able to reach your fitness goals. It has following main features:

Track your activities

The activity tracker by Polar monitors your activities throughout the day. It works 24/7 to monitor you. It checks your steps, resting time, sitting time, active and inactive time, so it converts the data into knowledge and gives you the complete guidance related to your fitness and improvement.

Give you a complete guide

The activity guide feature of this tracker gives you information about the activity of your body throughout the day. It also gives you the recommendations to take the positive steps to make yourself fit and active. For instance it guides you to walk, jog or exercise to make yourself active. It helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Calories burned

This fitness tracker also monitors your calories by using the data related to your weight, height, activity of the day and gender. It gives you the most accurate results as it is considered one of the best and perfect trackers available on the market. Steps

The tracker also keeps an eye on the daily steps you have taken. It is highly recommended to take ten thousands steps daily to get a perfect fitness level for your body.

Pyle PSGP410 GPS Smart Training Watch

If you are interested in buying a best tracker then do not forget to read the fitness tracker reviews that will give you an idea about the famous products of the market. This Pyle training watch is also one of them. This allows you to track your calories and make yourself fit in a best way than ever. It will keep the record of all the data by using its GPS system. This GPS system also enables you to track your distance. It keeps the record of the maps of your routes and gives you information when needed. This awesome fitness tracker has following advanced features that make it different from others:

GPS maps

Now make yourself fit in a complete new way by using this GPS watch. It keeps the record of your routes and helps you to measure your speed, distance and pace. It uses a system of graphs and maps to show you the results. In this way you can make your activities best in an innovative way. That will help you to keep an eye on all the activities of the day by using built in GPS.

ANT+ Technology

One of the best things about the tracker is its ANT+ Technology. That helps you to connect with the other devices like her rate monitors and time sensors for better functioning. That will also make you able to compare your best performances with your last performance. So after using this feature you can motivate yourself in a better way to achieve the fitness goals.

Performance tracking

This tracker also monitors the performance and gives you the record of your best performances to compare it with other activities and to achieve the fitness goals.


Fitness trackers helps you to make yourself fit and to motivate you to stay relaxed and active by using the data from your body. This makes you take the positive actions and the decisions to achieve your fitness goals. There are a lot of trackers in the market but the best fitness tracker is the one that gives you the maximum features and guides you in the best way to improve your state of mind and body.


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